Anne Morice

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BACKGROUND A corollary of the current population ageing in France is an increase in proximal femoral fractures (PFFs), particularly among centenarians. The outcomes of PFFs in centenarians in France are unknown. We therefore conducted a retrospective study of centenarians with PFFs both to assess: (1) assess clinical outcomes according to geriatric and(More)
Reconstruction of complex skull defects requires collaboration between neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons to choose the most appropriate procedure, especially in growing children. The authors describe herein the reconstruction of an extensive traumatic bone and soft tissue defect of the cranial vault in an 11-year-old boy. The size of the defect, quality of(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce the application of "tennis racket" flap with fascial pedicle on the healthy chest for radiation ulcer after surgical treatment of breast cancer. METHODS The " tennis racket" flap was designed on the healthy chest along the cartilage with fascia pedicle near the sternum. 9 cases were treated. The flaps size ranged from 5.0 cm x 3.5(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine prognostic factors in gingivo-alveolar squamous cell carcinoma of the maxilla (GA-SCC-M), and particularly the prognostic value of both vertical and antero-posterior tumor spread. MATERIAL AND METHODS Our retrospective study included all naïve-treatment patients treated in our center between 2006 and 2013 for GA-SCC-M. Posterior(More)
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