Anne Mongruel

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Some tenebrionind beetles inhabiting the Namib desert are known for using their body to collect water droplets from wind-blown fogs. We aim to determine whether dew water collection is also possible for desert insects. For this purpose, we investigated the infra-red emissivity, and the wetting and structural properties, of the surface of the elytra of a(More)
In this study we investigate the effect of geometrical or thermal discontinuities on the growth of water droplets condensing on a cooled substrate. Edges, corners, and cooled and noncooled boundaries can have a strong effect on the vapor concentration profile and mass diffusion around the drops. In comparison to growth in a pattern where droplets have to(More)
Understanding the influence of topographic heterogeneities on liquid flows has become an important issue with the development of microfluidic systems, and more generally for the manipulation of liquids at the small scale. Most studies of the boundary flow past such surfaces have concerned poorly wetting liquids for which the topography acts to generate(More)
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