Anne Mette K. Jessen

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Reports the results of a questionnaire mailed to insurance claimants (N = 2480) recently discharged from a hospital. Analyzes the results and concludes from the data that patients place high value on pastoral services. Suggests that both hospital administrators and chaplains make sure that adequate attention be given to serving patient families, long-stay(More)
While most hospitals provide chaplaincy services for patients, families, and staff, these services are seldom studied and their contribution is poorly understood. A questionnaire created by the College of Chaplains of the American Protestant Health Association was mailed by an insurance company to patients recently dismissed from the hospital, requesting(More)
A tele-patient-reported outcome (telePRO) model includes outpatients’ reports of symptoms and health status from home before or instead of visiting the outpatient clinic. In the generic PRO system, AmbuFlex, telePRO is used to decide whether a patient needs an outpatient visit and is thus a tool for better symptom assessment, more patient-centred care, and(More)
This paper investigates how reliable affective responses can be obtained using objective biometric measures for media audience research. We use Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) to detect sixteen respondents' arousal levels and as an objective measure to show how self-reporting disrupts the experience of respondents watching video content. The subjective(More)
BACKGROUND An increase in the length of time until the first escorted leave is granted to a patient detained by court order (tbs) results in a longer period of treatment. Physicians involved in the treatment and clinic managers are striving to reduce, in a responsible manner, the length of the period of treatment preceding the patient's first escorted(More)
BACKGROUND The traditional system of routine outpatient follow-up of chronic disease in secondary care may involve a waste of resources if patients are well. The use of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) could support more flexible, cost-saving follow-up activities. AmbuFlex is a PRO system used in outpatient follow-up in the Central Denmark Region. PRO(More)
INTRODUCTION Anxiety and depression are found in 20-30% of all persons with heart disease, and depression is known to impact mortality. This paper aimed to describe the effect of systematic screening of this population in terms of use of general practice, psychological therapy and antidepressant treatment. METHODS A population-based cohort study was(More)
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