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he fish industry is very competitive. Fleet owners are very interested in filling their boats as fast as possible with the fewest and most qualified personnel , thus reserving maximum occupancy for their refrigerated storage. During an expedition, which can last between one to two weeks, the fish processing machinery operates around the clock (figure 1).(More)
The morphometric analysis of the capillar surface shows the existence of a large amount of vessels in the rat Paraventricular nucleus during postnatal development with respect to the hypothalamic control region in the Anterior hypothalamic area. Quantitative measurements, revealed differences between the subnuclei, but not between the magno- and(More)
Recent advances in neuroscience allow us to envisage the creation of an artificial brain (BAB, for Big Artificial Brain) in order to reproduce cerebral functions without having to copy individual neurons, the complex properties of which are largely beyond our present technological capabilities. As in the human brain, we intend to combine inputs, a black box(More)
A generic image learning system, CogniSight ® , is being used for the inspection of fishes before filleting offshore. More than thirty systems have been deployed on seven fishing vessels in Norway and Iceland over the past three years. Each CogniSight uses four neural network chips (a total of 312 neurons) based on a natively parallel hardwired architecture(More)
Light and electron microscopy of the hypothalamic ventricle in neonatal rats demonstrate morphological specializations of the ventricular wall at the level of the premammillary region of the third ventricle. The morphological features are: (1) A ventricular recess that we have called the "hypothalamic dorso-lateral recess" (HDR). (2) The presence of(More)
The action of high doses of clomiphene citrate on the nuclei of hypothalamic arcuate neurons of male cats has been studied. Clomiphene produces an accumulation of typical crystalloid material in the nuclei. After administration of a protein-synthesis inhibitor, no such material was observed in clomiphene-treated animals. These ultrastructural features could(More)
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