Anne-Marie Sassen

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Due to organizational and technological barriers, actors involved in the management of natural or man-made risks cannot cooperate efficiently. In an attempt to solve some of these problems, the European Commission has made " Improving risk management " one of its strategic objectives of the IST programme. The integrated projects Orchestra(More)
This paper presents the results derived from the survey on metrics used in object oriented environments. The survey includes a small set of the most well known and commonly applied traditional software metrics which could be applied to object oriented programming and a set of object oriented metrics. In short, the metrics based assessment of a software(More)
In the past centuries mankind has been exposed to various forms of air pollution not only at his occupational but also in his social environment. He mainly gets exposed with these pollutants through the respiratory organs and partially absorbs them into the body. Many of these airborne substances can be harmful for humans and some of them may account for(More)
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