Anne Marie R. Nordentoft

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Eight patients with Merkel cell carcinoma are reported to document their response to surgery and/or radiotherapy. Four patients who initially underwent surgery without postoperative radiation therapy all had local recurrence. Two patients were treated with postoperative radiation therapy and two were treated with radiation therapy without excision of the(More)
A consecutive 10-year series of 278 soft tissue sarcomas was prospectively graded, using a system based on the number of mitoses and taking into account parameters such as cellularity, anaplasia, necrosis, and histogenetic type and subtype of tumour. Prognostic factors in relation to metastasis-free survival were studied by uni- and multivariate analysis.(More)
A total of 121 patients with sarcomas localized to the shoulder girdle were referred to the Sarcoma Centre in Arhus. Of these, 17 (14%) underwent interscapulothoracic amputation. At the time of treatment, the average age was 51 years (17-82 years). Eleven of these patients had sarcomas of bone and six had soft tissue sarcomas. Late diagnosis or previous(More)
One hundred and forty-two patients with Hodgkin's disease PS I or II were treated with total or subtotal nodal irradiation as part of a prospective randomized trial in the Danish National Hodgkin Study during the period 1971-83. They were followed till death or--at the time of this analysis--from 15 to 146 months after initiation of therapy. The initial(More)
Two hundred ninety patients with Hodgkin's disease pathologic stage (PS) I or II were treated in the prospective randomized trial of the Danish National Hodgkin Study (see Appendix) with radiotherapy +/- adjuvant combination chemotherapy. The initial tumor burden of each patient was assessed, combining tumor size of each involved region and number of(More)
From September 1971 to April 1983, 1200 patients with newly diagnosed Hodgkin's disease were admitted to the centres which had founded LYGRA (the Danish Hodgkin's Study Group), to undergo uniform staging procedures and treatment. Present problems concerning staging, treatment, and complications, such as the risk of pneumococcal infection following(More)
From January 1981 to February 1986, a total of 240 patients with primary, malignancy-grade III or IV soft tissue sarcoma were entered into an adjuvant chemotherapy multicenter trial conducted by the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group (SSG). Of these patients, 181 were evaluable. The tumor was located in the extremities in 155 patients. After radical surgery (wide(More)
Approximately 240 sarcomas are registered annually in Denmark. Of these, 5/6 are soft-tissue sarcomas while the remainder consist of various types of sarcomas of bone. Determination of the histogenetic type, the degree of aplasia and the anatomical spread of the primary tumour is decisive for optimal prognostic assessment and for planning of the primary(More)