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A star in a 15.2-year orbit around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way
Many galaxies are thought to have supermassive black holes at their centres—more than a million times the mass of the Sun. Measurements of stellar velocities and the discovery of variable X-rayExpand
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A giant planet candidate near a young brown dwarf - Direct VLT/NACO observations using IR wavefront sensing
We present deep VLT/NACO infrared imaging and spectroscopic observations of the brown dwarf 2MASSWJ 1207334−393254, obtained during our on-going adaptive optics survey of southern young, nearbyExpand
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Giant Planet Companion to 2MASSW J1207334-393254
We report new VLT/NACO imaging observations of the young, nearby brown dwarf 2MASSW J1207334-393254 and its suggested planetary mass companion (2M1207 b). Three epochs of VLT/NACO measurementsExpand
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A companion to AB Pic at the planet/brown dwarf boundary
We report deep imaging observations of the young, nearby star AB Pic, a member of the large Tucana-Horologium association. We have detected a faint, red source $5.5''$ South of the star with JHK Expand
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The near-infrared spectral energy distribution of β Pictoris b
A gas giant planet has previously been directly seen orbiting at 8-10 AU within the debris disk of the ~12 Myr old star {\beta} Pictoris. The {\beta} Pictoris system offers the rare opportunity toExpand
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Orbital characterization of the β Pictoris b giant planet
In June 2010, we confirmed the existence of a giant planet in the disk of the young star Beta Pictoris, located between 8 AU and 15 AU from the star. This young planet offers the rare opportunity toExpand
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SPHERE: the exoplanet imager for the Very Large Telescope
Observations of circumstellar environments that look for the direct signal of exoplanets and the scattered light from disks have significant instrumental implications. In the past 15 years, majorExpand
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Direct measurement of the size and shape of the present-day stellar wind of $\eta$ Carinae
We present new high angular resolution observations at near-IR wavelengths of the core of the Luminous Blue Variable Carinae, using NAOS-CONICA at the VLT and VINCI at the VLT Interferometer (VLTI).Expand
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Orbital and atmospheric characterization of the planet within the gap of the PDS 70 transition disk
Aims: We aim to characterize the orbital and atmospheric properties of PDS 70 b, which was first identified on May 2015 in the course of the SHINE survey with SPHERE, the extreme adaptive-opticsExpand
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A library of near-infrared integral field spectra of young M–L dwarfs
We present a library of near-infrared (1.1-2.45 microns) medium-resolution (R~1500-2000) integral field spectra of 15 young M6-L0 dwarfs, composed of companions with known ages and of isolatedExpand
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