Anne-Marie Jolly-Desodt

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This paper deals with a context awareness system based on a service-oriented architecture dedicated to the Smart Home. In our approach, a Smart Home must be able to provide services adapted to the needs of its inhabitants. To achieve this, we propose to build a Smart environment that takes into account the ambient context of its inhabitants, providing(More)
In this paper, a constrained optimization method for various functions such as non differentiable ones based on interval analysis is proposed. The process can be broken down into two distinct parts: the first one that approximates the space satisfying the constraints and the second one that is exclusively in charge of optimizing a given function. The first(More)
This project deals with technical assistance for people of reduced mobility. We propose to study the technical of an original approach, which consists of mounting a prehensile arm onto a mobile base. The use of this mobile unit in relation to the patientpsilas wheelchair is carried out on a master-slave basis.. To ensure the tracking of the wheelchair by(More)
To follow up our works on a service-oriented architecture dedicated to context perception for the smart home [7], we present in this paper how to move complex reasoning on top of the ontology. We focus on a multi-sensors data fusion architecture using the Transferable Belief Model. High level symbolic data are deduced using fusion from redundant,(More)
Dans le cadre de notre architecture de perception de contexte dans l'habitat communicant [7], nous proposons une méthode qui consiste à déporter les raisonnements complexes en amont de notre ontologie de contexte. Ainsi, nous nous appuyons sur une architecture de fusion de données multi-capteurs basée sur le Modèle des Croyances Transférables. A partir de(More)