Anne-Marie Etienne

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We examined the influence of social anxiety on memory for both identity and emotional expressions of unfamiliar faces. Participants high and low in social anxiety were presented with happy and angry faces and were later asked to recognise the same faces displaying a neutral expression. They also had to remember what the initial expressions of the faces had(More)
BACKGROUND No study has yet assessed the impact of physicians' skills acquisition after a communication skills training program on changes in patients' and relatives' anxiety following a three-person medical consultation. This study aimed at comparing, in a randomized study, the impact, on patients' and relatives' anxiety, of a basic communication skills(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Communication with patients is a core clinical skill in medicine that can be acquired through communication skills training. Meanwhile, the importance of transfer of communication skills to the workplace has not been sufficiently studied. This study aims to assess the efficacy of a 40-hour training program designed to improve(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to assess the impact on physicians' detection of patients' and relatives' distress of six 3-h consolidation workshops (CW) following a 2.5-day communication skills basic training (BT) program and to investigate factors associated with detection of distress. METHODS Physicians, after BT, were randomized to CW or to a waiting list.(More)
Information about recruitment and retention factors and quality of work life (QWL) in rural emergency departments (EDs) is limited. A pilot study was used to determine the feasibility of a large-scale study of these variables in Quebec EDs. Two EDs, approximately 10,000 and 30,000 patients per year respectively, were selected as convenience samples. An(More)
This is a longitudinal randomized controlled study investigating the efficacy of a communication and stress management skills training programme on medical residents' self-efficacy to communicate and to manage stress in interviews, stress to communicate in interviews, and burnout. Ninety-six medical residents participated. Results showed a statistically(More)
Integration of e-Health technologies for purposes of both assessment and intervention has recently become an interest area in pediatric psychology. The purpose of this study is to present psychometric characteristics of a technology-based (i.e., tablet administration) approach for measuring quality of life (QOL) in children. Eighty children (8-12 years)(More)
INTRODUCTION Dementia is a known predictor of shorter survival times in older cancer patients. However, no empirical evidence is available to determine how much a cognitive impairment shortens survival in older patients when cancer treatment is initiated. PURPOSE To longitudinally investigate how much a cognitive impairment detected at the initiation of(More)
OBJECTIVE Breaking bad news (BBN) is a complex task which involves dealing cognitively with different relevant dimensions and a challenging task which involves dealing with intense emotional contents. No study however has yet assessed in a randomized controlled trial design the effect of a communication skills training on residents' physiological arousal(More)