Anne-Marie Brandi

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The purpose of the present experiments was to test the hypothesis that the metrics of saccades caused by the activation of distinct collicular sites depend on the strength of their projections onto the burst generators. This study of morphofunctional correlations was limited to the horizontal components of saccades. We evoked saccades by stimulation of the(More)
The sources of monosynaptic input to "fast" and "slow" abducens motoneurons (MNs) were revealed in primates by retrograde transneuronal tracing with rabies virus after injection either into the distal or central portions of the lateral rectus (LR) muscle, containing, respectively, "en grappe" endplates innervating slow muscle fibers or "en plaque" motor(More)
We evaluated the two-dimensional distribution of superior colliculus (SC) neurons visualized after retrograde transneuronal transport of rabies virus injected into the lateral rectus muscle of rhesus monkeys to test whether the density of projection neurons might play a role in the spatiotemporal transformation and vector decomposition. If this were the(More)
The effects of dopamine (DA) on prolactin (PRL) secretion in anterior pituitary tissue from rats selected during various stages of the estrous cycle were analyzed under in vitro conditions. The results were examined in relation to plasma PRL, estradiol and progesterone levels. During the estrous cycle there was a marked variation in the responsiveness of(More)
The subcutaneous implantation of an estradiol pellet (10 mg) into female rats induced a hypophyseal hyperplasia with hyperprolactinaemia. Examination of neurotransmitter receptors in the hippocampus, striatum and cerebral cortex one month after the implantation revealed that estrogenization was associated with: an increased density of (3)H-domperidone(More)
Omnipause neurons (OPNs) are inhibitory neurons located in the midline region of the caudal pons. Their role in gating the discharges of saccade-related burst neurons is well known, but there is no agreement concerning their influence on brainstem neurons that control other muscle groups participating in rapid gaze shifts. In the present study, we inquired(More)
Endocrine cells possess voltage-sensitive Ca2+ channels involved in the modulation of hormonal secretion. Using the dihydropyridine, (+)-PN 200-110, we have investigated the binding characteristics of this ligand to pituitary membrane Ca2+ channels from normal rat, normal and adenomatous human pituitaries. [3H]PN 200-110 binds specifically to rat pituitary(More)
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