Anne-Marie Brandi

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The sources of monosynaptic input to "fast" and "slow" abducens motoneurons (MNs) were revealed in primates by retrograde transneuronal tracing with rabies virus after injection either into the distal or central portions of the lateral rectus (LR) muscle, containing, respectively, "en grappe" endplates innervating slow muscle fibers or "en plaque" motor(More)
The purpose of the present experiments was to test the hypothesis that the metrics of saccades caused by the activation of distinct collicular sites depend on the strength of their projections onto the burst generators. This study of morphofunctional correlations was limited to the horizontal components of saccades. We evoked saccades by stimulation of the(More)
We evaluated the two-dimensional distribution of superior colliculus (SC) neurons visualized after retrograde transneuronal transport of rabies virus injected into the lateral rectus muscle of rhesus monkeys to test whether the density of projection neurons might play a role in the spatiotemporal transformation and vector decomposition. If this were the(More)
Neuropeptides such as vasoactive intestinal peptide, LHRH, or TRH have been found in rat pituitary tissue and could act via paracrine or autocrine actions in this tissue. In this study we investigated whether normal human pituitary tissue and GH-secreting human pituitary adenomas could release somatostatin (SRIH) and GHRH. Fragments from three human(More)
Ten somatotrophic adenomas removed from acromegalic patients and fragments of the non-tumoural surrounding pituitary were submitted to organ culture for periods of up to one month. Electron microscopic observation shows that these tumours retain their histological differentiation throughout the culture period. The cell morphology of the cultured tumours(More)
To determine the site of action of dopaminergic drugs on human PRL and GH release from pituitary adenomas, five PRL-and five GH-secreting adenomas were incubated with and without dopamine and L-dopa. Bromocriptine was also tested in order to compare its effect to that of the other drugs. In all of the experiments except one, a decrease of PRL, which was(More)
TRH is present in human normal pituitaries and in pituitary adenomas. In this study we demonstrated that the same tissues can release TRH in vitro. Fragments from seven normal pituitaries (10-15 mg/syringe) and dispersed cells from eight prolactinomas, four GH-secreting and two nonsecreting adenomas (1-3 x 10(6) cells/syringe) were perifused using a(More)
Several neuropeptides classically associated with the hypothalamus have been found in the anterior pituitary. The question arises whether they are locally synthesized and if they play a paracrine or autocrine role on pituitary hormone secretion. Using normal and tumoral human pituitaries we found neuropeptides (TRH, SRIH, GHRH) and dopamine in variable(More)
Dopamine (DA) is known to influence human GH release both in vivo and in vitro. The direct control of GH secretion at the pituitary level has been observed using human GH-secreting pituitary adenomas in organ culture, but no dose-response relationship between DA and GH inhibition was demonstrated. Such a dose-response relationship was obtained using(More)