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Adult rats fed daily rations of laboratory chow laced with cobalt chloride were tested for operant (schedule-controlled) responding and conditioned suppression (CER). Animals exposed to 20 mg/kg Co, but not animals exposed to 5 mg/kg Co, lever pressed at a significantly slower rate than nontreated control subjects over the last 8 sessions of a 35 session(More)
BACKGROUND The appearance of Aβ42 peptide deposits is admitted to be a key event in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, although amyloid deposits also occur in aged non-demented subjects. Aβ42 is a degradation product of the amyloid protein precursor (APP). It can be catabolized by several enzymes, reabsorbed by capillaries or cleared into(More)
Adult rats fed daily rations of laboratory chow with added CdCl2 were tested for schedule controlled responding and conditioned suppression (conditioned emotional response-CER). Determinations of tissue Cd, levels of metallothionein, and the ratio of Cd in the tissue to the Cd-binding capacity of metallothionein also were made. Animals were exposed daily to(More)
Step-down passive avoidance acquisition and 24 h retention performance were examined in adult rats given daily doses of either 0, 1, or 5 mg/kg cadmium (Cd) (as CdCl2) via the diet. Results indicated that subjects exposed to the 5 mg/kg Cd diet were less likely to step off a safe platform onto an electrified grid floor than controls. The 1 mg/kg subjects(More)
PURPOSE To explore the perspectives of physiotherapists who participated in an international clinical internship (ICI) in low- or middle-income countries (LMICs) during their physiotherapy (PT) training in a Canadian PT programme regarding the ICI's impact on their PT practice in Canada. METHODS This qualitative descriptive study used in-depth(More)
Athletes at Olympic Developmental Program (ODP) camps experience unusually high levels of expectations and inherent mental and physical challenges within such a short span of time. With the increasing emphasis on talent development, there has been consensus by the ODP staff to more clearly define present levels of coping skills, in order to enhance athletic(More)
The equilibrium between the ventricular and lumbar cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) compartments may be disturbed (in terms of flow and biochemistry) in patients with chronic hydrocephalus (CH). Using flow magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CSF assays, we sought to determine whether changes in CSF were associated with biochemical alterations. Nine elderly(More)
Four violent juvenile offenders from a local correctional facility spoke to a class of U.S. undergraduates studying abnormal psychology. Two weeks later, the students attended a tour sponsored by the correctional facility that had provided the speakers. The results of a semantic differential scale administered both before and after the talk and tour(More)