Anne Marie Amja

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Due to advances in wireless network technology, new applications are designed in medical and health care domain. Medical personnel efficiency has increased by using these new tools and applications. Patient of young and elderly people as well as smart houses equipped with sensors and information technologies are subject to discussion. Patients wear sensors(More)
As we are moving towards pervasive, ubiquitous and computing paradigm, the interest and research for context-aware systems have substantially taken interest over the past decade and has become the new era of anytime, anywhere and anything computing. Delivering acceptable services for the users requires services to be aware of their contexts and able to(More)
As the notion of context-awareness evolves in different paradigms, the development of context-aware systems involves several processes. These processes include, inter alia, context modeling and reasoning as well as adaptation. In [1], we presented an approach that consists of context modeling and reasoning hand in hand based on relational concept analysis(More)
Due to new computing trends such as ubiquitous computing, the complexity of software design is leading to increased effort for development, maintenance and configuration. One promising way to address these issues is self-adaptation. Self-adaptive systems are capable of changing their own behaviour to adapt dynamically to context changes at runtime. Among(More)
This work was done in the context of information exchange between websites for online bookings of air tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals, such as,, etc. These sites obtain their data from hotel data providers or specific centers (known as Central Reservation Systems (CRS)), airline companies and car rental agencies. The(More)
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