Anne-Marie Albanese

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Seven differently sulphated hyaluronic acid derivatives, having a general formula HyalSx where x can be 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 3.8, 4, were synthetized. Coagulation tests i.e. whole blood clotting time and thrombin time were performed on these compounds and significant prolongations were observed from HyalS2.5 up to HyalS4. All that means the heparin like(More)
A hyaluronic acid derivative bearing pendant L-benzoyl-cysteine portions (with a derivatization degree equal to 10 mol.%) was synthesized by linking N,N'-dibenzoyl-L-cystine to the polysaccharide and then reducing its disulfide bridge to thiol groups. The formation of pi-pi stacking interactions between the benzoyl moieties was studied by fluorescence(More)
Qualification of anechoic chambers is intended to demonstrate that the chamber supports the intended free-field environment within some permissible tolerance bounds. Key qualification issues include the method used to obtain traverse data, the analysis method for the data, and the use of pure tone or broadband noise as the chamber excitation signal. This(More)
Different commercial materials, such as polyurethane (PU), plasticized PVC (PVC), glass, Gore-tex, and Dacron, were coated with a well-characterized biomaterial (PUPA) based on polyurethane and poly(amido-amine) components. Two different classes of coating were obtained due to the different characteristics of the substrates. In the case of PVC and(More)
The biocompatibility of a new heparinizable material based on polyurethane and poly(amido-amine) (PUPA) was evaluated both in the heparinized and non-heparinized forms. The quantity of heparin present on the material was measured using radiolabelled heparin and biological tests. Heparin release in plasma from heparinized PUPA was investigated using in vitro(More)
Surface heparinization through an ionic bond is one of the methods used to improve polyurethane blood compatibility. Chains of poly(amido-amine), a tertiary aminic polymer capable of forming stable complexes with heparin, were either surface-grafted on polyurethane or interconnected with polyurethane chains using hexamethylenediisocyanate as cross-linking(More)
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