Anne-Margriet Huisman

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OBJECTIVE To investigate if erythrocyte-methotrexate-polyglutamate (MTX-PG) concentrations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are associated with disease activity or adverse events. METHODS We used a longitudinal study design with two cohorts. The derivation cohort included 102 and the validation cohort included 285 patients with RA on MTX. We(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the major causes of gastroduodenal ulcers. Studies on the benefit of eradication of H. pylori in NSAID users yielded conflicting results. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether H. pylori eradication in patients on long-term NSAIDs reduces the incidence of gastroduodenal ulcers.(More)
INTRODUCTION An ACR/EULAR task force released new criteria to classify rheumatoid arthritis at an early stage. This study evaluates the diagnostic performance of these criteria and algorithms by van der Helm and Visser in REACH. METHODS Patients with symptoms ≤12 months from REACH were used. Algorithms were tested on discrimination, calibration and(More)
BACKGROUND Findings from both epidemiological and basic research point to the possibility that NSAIDS impede the deterioration in schizophrenia. METHODS To study the efficacy of acetylsalicylic acid we will perform a randomized placebo controlled double-blind add-on trial of 80 inpatients and outpatients with schizophrenia, schizophreniform or(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between clinical, demographic, and psychological factors and the functional Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) and psychological HAQ (PSHAQ) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS After a mean followup time of 7 years after diagnosis, 112 patients with RA were asked to fill out the HAQ and the PSHAQ.(More)
In patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with a mean duration of six years, glucocorticoid receptor (GR) downregulation has been reported without change in cortisol levels. This phenomenon might play a role in the etiopathogenesis of RA. If this is the case, GR downregulation should also be found in early-diagnosed RA. We compared GR expression and(More)
the authors reply: Arias et al. correctly note that diabetes is an independent risk factor for conges-tive heart failure. Data from the Cardiovascular Health Study have also shown a significant independent relationship between diabetes and the development of congestive heart failure 1 ; most cases of heart failure in that cohort were associated with a(More)
Pulse therapy with high-dose glucocorticoids (GCs) is widely used as "bridging therapy" for the treatment of patients with active rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Oral pulsed dexamethasone therapy has never been used for this purpose. We determined the clinical efficacy of oral pulsed dexamethasone treatment in patients with early active RA, concomitantly(More)
A patient with anorectal varices is reported. Anorectal varices are a rare cause of rectal bleeding and are often erroneously diagnosed as bleeding hemorrhoids. However, the subcutaneous extension of the varices should alert the clinician. Although local treatment such as ligation of the varices has been advocated, in the presence of portal hypertension a(More)
OBJECTIVE To optimize use of the Disease Activity Score in 28 joints (DAS28) in early rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by adding the "squeeze test" of forefeet. METHODS The squeeze test is used to examine bilateral compression pain (BCP) across the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints. For this study, data for patients participating in the Treatment in the Rotterdam(More)