Anne Margherita Castronovo

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In this study we investigate the muscle coordination underlying the execution of a pedaling exercise across different biomechanical demands, by using the muscle synergies paradigm. 9 non professional subjects performed a cycling exercise using their preferred pedaling strategy (Preferred Strategy, PS) and then, through the use of a feedback based on the(More)
This study aims at evaluating the neuromuscular adaptations occurring during submaximal prolonged cycling tasks. In particular, we want to assess changes in surface electromyographic (sEMG) signal recorded during a pedaling task, performed by six subjects on a cycle-simulator at a constant power output, until voluntary exhaustion. Task failure was defined(More)
Motor neurons in the spinal cord receive synaptic input that comprises common and independent components. The part of synaptic input that is common to all motor neurons is the one regulating the production of force. Therefore, its quantification is important to assess the strategy used by Central Nervous System (CNS) to control and regulate movements,(More)
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