Anne Margaret Stone

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Uncertainty is an inherent part of most illness experiences and Alzheimer's disease in particular is fraught with uncertainties, especially for the family. In an investigation of sources of uncertainty, 33 adult children with a parent diagnosed with probable Alzheimer's disease were interviewed. Participants described medical, personal, and social sources(More)
Family caregivers reflect understandings of dementia, persons with dementia, and their changing role through metaphors. Analyzing transcripts from a support group for spouses of persons with dementia, 14 core metaphors for dementia, caregiving/caregiver, and persons with dementia were identified. By using these metaphors, nurses can aid familial caregiver(More)
Article points 1. This study examined the efficacy of two commonly used analogies to explain type 1 diabetes. 2. Explanations with embedded analogies were rated more effective than the control message which did not use analogies. 3. Data suggest that using analogies to explain diabetes has an impact on ratings about both the communicator and the message(More)
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