Anne Mangeney

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In the framework of a better territory risk assessment and decision making, numerical simulation can provide a useful tool for investigating the propagation phase of phenomena involving granular material, like rock avalanches, when realistic geological contexts are considered. Among continuum mechanics models, the numerical model SHWCIN uses the depth(More)
In this paper we present a new two-layer model of Savage-Hutter type to study submarine avalanches. A layer composed of fluidized granular material is assumed to flow within an upper layer composed of an inviscid fluid (e. g. water). The model is derived in a system of local coordinates following a non-erodible bottom and takes into account its curvature.(More)
Keywords: Shallow flow models Two-phase granular flows Riemann solvers Relaxation Positivity Wet/dry fronts a b s t r a c t We present a Riemann solver derived by a relaxation technique for classical single-phase shallow flow equations and for a two-phase shallow flow model describing a mixture of solid granular material and fluid. Our primary interest is(More)
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