Anne Mahoney

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We describe a generalized toolset developed by the Perseus Project to manage XML documents in the context of a large, heterogeneous digital library. The system manages multiple DTDs through mappings from elements in the DTD to abstract document structures. The abstraction of document metadata, both structural and descriptive, facilitates the development of(More)
is exploring the problems that a general digital library for the humanities would face: support from the Digital Library Initiative, and particularly from NSF and NEH, has allowed us to capitalize on a decade of work developing a digital library on Greco-Roman antiquity and systematically to explore the problems raised by other domains within the(More)
The Open Archives Initiative has gained success by aiming between complex federation schemes and low functionality web crawling. Much information still remains hidden inside documents catalogued by OAI metadata. We discuss how subdocument information can be exposed by data providers and exploited by service providers. We discuss services for citation(More)
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