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DNA carrying inverted repeats was tested for transposition within the Drosophila genome. Five Bam HI segments containing related inverted repeats were isolated from D. melanogaster and analyzed by electron microscopy and restriction mapping. Southern blot experiments using single-copy flanking sequences as probes allowed the study of DNA arrangements at(More)
Suicidal behaviour is known to aggregate in families. Patients with psychiatric disorders are at higher risk for suicide attempts (SA), however protective and risk genetic variants for suicide appear to be independent of underlying psychiatric disorders. Here we investigate genetic variants in genes important for neurobiological pathways linked to suicidal(More)
Recently, a significant epigenetic component in the pathology of suicide has been realized. Here we investigate candidate functional SNPs in epigenetic-regulatory genes, DNMT1 and DNMT3B, for association with suicide attempt (SA) among patients with co-existing psychiatric illness. In addition, global DNA methylation levels [5-methyl cytosine (5-mC%)](More)
Keynote address: 'Old men and selfish spermatogonia: how much do they contribute to the mutation burden?' We present a study on a non-consanguineous Irish family that includes two siblings (male and female) with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and chorioretinopathy. The children have been extensively investigated by the cardiac, metabolic and genetic teams but(More)
The MDM-2 oncoprotein exists in an autoregulatory feedback loop with the tumor suppressor protein p53. Therefore, intracellular levels of these two proteins may play important roles in cell proliferation and tumorigenesis. Several MDM-2 proteins (Mr 35-100 Kd) have been demonstrated in human cell lines. We report here the expression profile of MDM-2 and p53(More)
OBJECTIVE To report our quality improvement efforts to reduce total parenteral nutrition (TPN)-associated bloodstream infections, and the results of those efforts, during the period including the first quarter of 2004 through the third quarter of 2010. METHODS A variant on failure modes and effect analysis and existing guidelines were used to develop and(More)
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