Anne M. Ridley

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Increased frequency of cycle journeys has led to an escalation in collisions between cyclists and vehicles, particularly at shared junctions. Risks associated with passing decisions have been shown to influence cyclists' behavioural intentions. The current study extended this research by linking not only risk perception but also attention allocation (via(More)
Research has shown that alcohol can have both detrimental and facilitating effects on memory: intoxication can lead to poor memory for information encoded after alcohol consumption (anterograde amnesia) and may improve memory for information encoded before consumption (retrograde facilitation). This study examined whether alcohol consumed after witnessing a(More)
Source identification tests provide a stringent method for testing the suggestibility of memory because they reduce response bias and experimental demand characteristics. Using the techniques and materials of Maria Zaragoza and her colleagues, we investigated how state anxiety affects the ability of undergraduates to identify correctly the source of(More)
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