Anne M Krouse

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Distance learning offers a distinctive environment to educate nursing students. While there is a significant body of evidence in the literature related to course, program, and faculty outcomes of distance education, little attention has been given by researchers to evaluate student outcomes, with the exception of student satisfaction. There is a need to(More)
Service learning is becoming a requirement for many universities wanting to connect with the communities surrounding them while also instilling civic responsibility in their students. The process should benefit all involved. In the following case study, the authors describe their experience of initiating a service learning component in an introductory(More)
This study reports breastfeeding outcomes for 34 preterm infants whose mothers used ultrathin silicone nipple shields to increase milk transfer. Mean milk transfer was compared for 2 consecutive breastfeedings without and with the nipple shield. Total duration of breastfeeding was calculated for a maximum of 365 days. Mean milk transfer was significantly(More)
  • Anne M Krouse
  • Journal of human lactation : official journal of…
  • 2002
Human milk plays a vital role in the health and development of low birth weight (LBW) infants, yet the initiation and duration rates of breastfeeding in this population are far below those of term infants. Families play an important role in the breastfeeding experience and therefore may contribute to the overall success or lack thereof of the experience.(More)
BACKGROUND Curricular revision and engaging students in learning are important aspects of preparing students for a complex health care environment. The purpose of this study was to identify student perceptions of active learning practices incorporated into the junior year of a new curriculum. METHOD A descriptive qualitative design using focus group(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to examine the relationships among education, leadership experience, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership of nurse managers. BACKGROUND Nursing leadership research provides limited evidence of predictors of transformational leadership style in nurse managers. METHODS A predictive correlational design was(More)
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the effectiveness of an emotional intelligence (EI) and leadership development education program involving 20 nurse leaders at nursing homes. Also, it investigates the relationship between EI and transformational leadership. Design/methodology/approach Three research questions are posed. Correlation analysis(More)
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