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According to the Autism Society of America, autism is now considered to be an epidemic. The increase in the rate of autism revealed by epidemiological studies and government reports implicates the importance of external or environmental factors that may be changing. This article discusses the evidence for the case that some children with autism may become(More)
  • G Fred Lee, Anne Jones-Lee, +9 authors Jones-Lee
  • 2002
ii DISCLAIMER This publication is a technical report by staff of the California Water Institute to the California State Water Resources Control Board and the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region. No policy or regulation is either expressed or intended. and any amendments thereto which has been awarded to the State Water Resources(More)
of the meteorology, composition, and particulate loading of the urban atmosphere in London, United Kingdom, to improve predictive capability for air quality. T he sharply increasing urban population in 2007 exceeded the rural population on a global basis (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2013). Urban populations are exposed to stressful(More)
Recently, the California Bay-Delta Authority (CBDA) held a two-day workshop, " Science Symposium on Environmental and Ecological Effects of Proposed Long-term Water Project Operations, " organized by the CBDA Science Program. The focus of this workshop was a review of the information available on how flow manipulations in the San Joaquin and Sacramento(More)
In November 1990 the US EPA issued regulations for the control of contaminants in urban and industrial stormwater runoff. Some municipalities have already developed NPDES permits that require that water quality standards (often equal to US EPA criteria) be met at the edge of the mixing zones for those discharges. However, US EPA water quality criteria were(More)
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