Anne M. Jack

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OBJECTIVE To test the efficacy of maternal skin-to-skin contact, or kangaroo care (KC), on diminishing the pain response of preterm neonates to heel lancing. DESIGN A crossover design was used, in which the neonates served as their own controls. Subjects Preterm neonates (n = 74), between 32 and 36 weeks' postmenstrual age and within 10 days of birth, who(More)
Tobacco-specific nitrosamine (TSNA) formation in tobacco is influenced by alkaloid levels and the availability of nitrosating agents. Tobacco types differ in their potential for TSNA accumulation due to genetic, agronomic, and curing factors. Highest TSNA concentrations are typically measured in burley tobaccos. One of the main genetic differences between(More)
A sample of 200 healthy subjects, representative of the adult UK population in terms of age, sex and social class distribution, were administered a full-length WAIS-R (UK). Regression equations were built to predict full-length IQ from a series of short-forms. The short-forms ranged from a two-subtest version proposed by Silverstein (1982) to a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine factors explaining lack of response by preterm newborns to heel stick for blood sampling. DESIGN A cross-sectional design based on secondary analysis of the control session of a randomized crossover design. SETTING Four Level III neonatal intensive-care units of university teaching hospitals. PARTICIPANTS 120 preterm newborns(More)
Technologies for reducing the levels of tobacco product constituents that may contribute to unwanted health effects are desired. Target compounds include tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), a class of compounds generated through the nitrosation of pyridine alkaloids during the curing and processing of tobacco. Studies have reported the TSNA(More)
Beardsall & Brayne (1990) have presented a method whereby the full-length National Adult Reading Test (NART) scores of subjects who are of below average reading ability can be predicted from performance on the first half of the test (termed the Short NART). The accuracy with which the Short NART predicted full-length NART scores was examined in a large(More)
BACKGROUND Procedural pain management for very low birth weight (VLBW) neonates has been minimal or nonexistent in most neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). OBJECTIVES To compare the efficacy of developmentally sensitive behavioral interventions (nonnutritive sucking via a pacifier, positioning) and sucrose for relieving procedural pain in VLBW infants(More)
OBJECTIVE The Premature Infant Pain Profile (PIPP) is a 7-indicator composite measure developed to assess acute pain in preterm and term neonates. It has been validated in studies using synchronized videotaping of infants undergoing procedures. The purpose of this study was to establish (a) construct validity of the PIPP and (b) inter- and intrarater(More)
Tobacco-specific nitrosamines are carcinogenic N-nitrosamine compounds present at very low levels in freshly harvested tobacco leaves that accumulate during leaf curing. Formation of N-nitrosamine compounds is associated with high nitrate levels in the leaf at harvest, and nitrate is presumed to be the source from which the N-nitrosation species originates.(More)
Nicotine is a chiral compound and consequently exists as two enantiomers. Since (R)-nicotine consists of less than 0.5% of total nicotine pool in tobacco, few investigations relating to (R)-nicotine have been reported. However, previous studies of nicotine demethylases suggested there was substantial amount of (R)-nicotine at synthesis in the tobacco plant.(More)