Anne M. Hessels

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Zn(2+) plays essential and diverse roles in numerous cellular processes. To get a better understanding of intracellular Zn(2+) homeostasis and the putative signaling role of Zn(2+), various fluorescent sensors have been developed that allow monitoring of Zn(2+) concentrations in single living cells in real time. Thus far, two families of genetically encoded(More)
The Zn(2+)-specific ion channel ZIP7 has been implicated to play an important role in releasing Zn(2+) from the ER. External stimulation of breast cancer cells has been proposed to induce phosphorylation of ZIP7 by CK2α, resulting in ZIP7-mediated Zn(2+) release from the ER into the cytosol. Here, we examined whether changes in cytosolic and ER Zn(2+)(More)
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