Anne M Frederiksen

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Oxidation of the myofibrillar muscle protein myosin from pork by hypervalent myoglobin species (MbFe(III)/H 2O2 radical generating system) was investigated in aqueous solution in the pH range of 5.0-7.8 by electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy using N- tert-butyl-alpha-phenylnitrone (PBN) as spin trap and indirectly by determination of the rate of(More)
An electron spin resonance (ESR)-based method was used for evaluating the levels of radical formation during mashing and in sweet wort. The method included the addition of 5% (v/v) ethanol together with the spin trap alpha-4-pyridyl(1-oxide)- N- tert-butylnitrone (POBN) to wort, followed by monitoring the rate of formation of POBN spin adducts during(More)
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