Anne M. Clarke

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development of ambient and pervasive devices and systems is gathering momentum— recent examples include the Whereabouts Clock [8] and digital jewelry [10]. These types of technologies provide new contexts for communication between users. The eSense project [3] is developing a systems approach for large-scale deployment of ambient technologies, based on the(More)
  • A Mrs Mary Clarke, Chairperson B Mr Dwayne Children 's Advocate, +10 authors Garvey
  • 2010
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The report would not have been completed without the assistance of the following persons/institutions: 1) The Children's Advocate and staff at the Office of the Children's Advocate for initiating, funding and facilitating the study; 2) The CEO and staff of the Child Development Agency (Head and Regional Offices); 3) The Interviewers; 4)(More)
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