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This well-established textbook , now in its Third edition, provides an attractive, authorative and integrated review of organ function and systems interactions in the normal body. The authors have two particular aims – to emphasise cellular physiology and to discuss the relevance of normal function to disturbed organ function or patho-physiology. The clear(More)
Traditional herbal cures and remedies have played an important historical role in the treatment of a variety of illnesses and diseases in Northern Ireland for the last three hundred years. Recently, these have been reviewed in the publication by Linda Ballard from the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra, Co. Down, which details the variety of local(More)
A small study was carried out in order to examine the molecular presence of bla CTX-M gene phylogenetic groups in E. coli (n=263) isolated from food (n=54), water (n=7), animal sources (n=69), using consensus bla CTX-M primers and PCR, in addition to human faecal isolates (n=69) and VTEC O157:H7 (n=64). None of the clinically significant faecal VTEC O157:H7(More)
(I am indebted to Mr Patrick Corkey, now deceased, a grandnephew of Sir William, for recently giving me this information which had been brought to light by Sir William's nephew, Commander James Whitla Gracey [1884-1969], but not reported.)
In Northern Ireland over the last 7 years, there is a mean of 41.9 laboratory reports per annum of human gastrointestinal infection (range 19-54) caused by Escherichia coli O157:H7. In the preceding years 1992-1996, reports were 5.4 per annum, whereas in 1997-2000, reports increased from 30 to 54 per annum. This high level has continued on an annual basis(More)
In the summer of 2006, a previously healthy 16 year old individual presented to the local Accident and Emergency Department, of a Northern Ireland hospital, with a 1.5cm diameter abscess over the left great toe, surrounded by cellulitis. The lesion had failed to respond to oral flucloxacillin prescribed by the family doctor. Apart from trauma to the toe(More)
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