Anne Ljungars

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Therapeutic antibodies have transformed cancer therapy, unlocking mechanisms of action by engaging the immune system. Unfortunately, cures rarely occur and patients display intrinsic or acquired resistance. Here, we demonstrate the therapeutic potential of targeting human (h) FcγRIIB (CD32B), a receptor implicated in immune cell desensitization and tumor(More)
We isolated a tumor B-cell-targeting antibody, BI-505, from a highly diversified human phage-antibody library, using a pioneering "function-first" approach involving screening for (1) specificity for a tumor B cell surface receptor, (2) induction of tumor programmed cell death, and (3) enhanced in vivo antitumor activity compared to currently used(More)
Recently, we constructed a focused antibody library tailored to interact with haptens. High functionality of this library was demonstrated, as specific binders could be retrieved to a range of different haptens. In the current study we have developed a mutagenesis and selection strategy in order to further fine-tune the hapten binding properties of these(More)
The prolactin receptor (PRLR) has been implicated in a variety of physiological processes (lactation, reproduction) and diseases (breast cancer, autoimmune diseases). Prolactin synthesis in the pituitary and extrapituitary sites is regulated by different promoters. Dopamine receptor agonists such as bromocriptine can only interfere with pituitary prolactin(More)
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