Anne-Liis von Knorring

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The aim of study was to estimate the score of symptoms of depression with the Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) among Estonian schoolchildren aged 7–13-year-old, according to age and gender differences, and to identify the components in factor analysis characterising self-reported childhood symptoms of depression. The applicability of the CDI in(More)
The present case-control study was undertaken in order to investigate the long-term outcome with respect to personality disorder (PD) symptomatology in former child psychiatric in-patients as compared to matched controls from the general population. Altogether 359 former patients and 359 controls were invited to participate in the study. Of these, 164 (46(More)
The purpose was to examine the long-term stability of a diagnosis of psychotic disorder in adolescence and to focus on diagnostic change over time. A total of 88 patients with a first episode of early onset psychosis (before 19 years) were followed up an average of 10.5 years (range 5.1–18.2) after admission. This report includes the 68 patients who could(More)
Both “social causation” and “social selection” offer plausible explanations for an association between education and mental health. We aimed to explore these processes in unipolar depression, with a specific focus on school performance and family tradition of education. Grandchildren (N = 28,089, 49% female, aged 13–47 years in 2002) of a cohort born in(More)
A follow-up study based on a population survey of children with infantile autism from a northern Swedish county is reported. The original survey was performed during 1977–1979. In the country of Västerbottens 39 cases of “childhood psychosis” were identified in the age group 0–20 years (prevalence 5.6/10,000). According to DSM-III-R, 38 children met the(More)
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