Anne Leplatois

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BACKGROUND Therapeutic control of HIV replication reduces the size of the viral reservoir, particularly among central memory CD4+ T cells, and this effect might be accentuated by early treatment. METHODS We examined the effect of ART initiated at the time of the primary HIV infection (early ART), lasting 2 and 6 years in 11 and 10 patients, respectively,(More)
The aim of this work was to study the arterial blood supply of the coxal bone in order to optimize radiological embolization and to minimize the risk of postoperative osteonecrosis. Ten fresh cadavers were dissected after intra-arterial injection of colored resin. All the collateral vessels running to this bone were described and counted. On 25 dry bones,(More)
Optimizing therapeutic strategies for an HIV cure requires better understanding the characteristics of early HIV-1 spread among resting CD4+ cells within the first month of primary HIV-1 infection (PHI). We studied the immune distribution, diversity, and inducibility of total HIV-DNA among the following cell subsets: monocytes, peripheral blood activated(More)
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