Anne-Laure Papa

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Pancreatic cancer remains the deadliest of all cancers, with a mortality rate of 91%. Gemcitabine is considered the gold chemotherapeutic standard, but only marginally improves life-span due to its chemical instability and low cell penetrance. A new paradigm to improve Gemcitabine’s therapeutic index is to administer it in nanoparticles, which favour its(More)
Nanoencapsulation of chemotherapeutics is an established method to target breast tumors and has been shown to enhance the efficacy of therapy in various animal models. During the past two decades, the nucleoside analog Gemcitabine has been under investigation to treat both recalcitrant and localized breast cancer, often in combination with other(More)
The vascular endothelium and shear stress are critical determinants of physiological hemostasis and platelet function in vivo, yet current diagnostic and monitoring devices do not fully incorporate endothelial function under flow in their assessment and, therefore, they can be unreliable and inaccurate. It is challenging to include the endothelium in assays(More)
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