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A new RT-PCR test has been developed to diagnose Chronic bee paralysis virus (CBPV) that is able to detect genetically variable viral isolates. In fact, up to 8.7% divergence between partial nucleotide sequences from viral isolates from French honey bees was highlighted in a preliminary variability study. The previously-described RT-PCR was unable to detect(More)
Mice transgenic for human Ig loci are an invaluable resource for the production of human Abs. However, such mice often do not yield human mAbs as effectively as conventional mice yield mouse mAbs. Suboptimal efficacy in delivery of human Abs might reflect imperfect interaction between the human membrane IgH chains and the mouse cellular signaling machinery.(More)
BACKGROUND Mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) is the main cause of HIV-1 infection in children worldwide. Given that the C-type lectin receptor, dendritic cell-specific ICAM-grabbing non-integrin-related (DC-SIGNR, also known as CD209L or liver/lymph node-specific ICAM-grabbing non-integrin (L-SIGN)), can interact with pathogens including HIV-1 and is(More)
The rat is an important biomedical experimental model that benefited from the recent development of new transgenic and knockout techniques. With the goal to optimize rat mAb production and to analyze the impact of Bcl-2 on B-cell development, we generated bcl-2 transgenic rats. Transgenic rats showed Bcl-2 over-expression in B cells, increased B cell(More)
Cells, Inc and Charles River. Importantly, the meeting received support and co-sponsorship from the International Society for Transgenic Technology. Around 80 participants, from France but also from different European countries, attended the meeting and registration prices were kept as low as possible to facilitate the participation of students. The meeting(More)
On June 8 2009 was held in Nantes, France, the international meeting ‘‘Transgenesis; recent technical developments and applications’’ (see web site for more information ttp://www.ifr26.nantes.inserm.fr/ ITERT/TRM/index.php?num=0). This meeting is the second one of its kind to be organized by the Transgenic Rats Nantes facility (http://www.ifr26.(More)
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