Anne-Laure Guiot

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The compulsory vaccination of pets, the recommended vaccination of farm animals in grazing areas and the extermination of stray animals did not succeed in eliminating rabies in Estonia because the virus was maintained in two main wildlife reservoirs, foxes and raccoon dogs. These two species became a priority target therefore in order to control rabies.(More)
The SAG2 vaccine (RABIGEN® SAG2) is a modified live attenuated rabies virus vaccine, selected from the SAD Bern strain in a two-step process of amino acid mutation using neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. The strain is genetically stable and does not spread in vivo or induce a persistent infection. Its absence of residual pathogenicity was extensively(More)
Hair colouration in animals is controlled primarily by inherited factors, with a complex set of genes and genetic variants determining phenotypic expression. The colours in the hair shaft are created initially by the melanocyte cells within the hair bulb which produce and secrete two types of melanin into the hair cortex, black eumelanin and brown(More)
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