Anne-Laure Coutant

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Starting from 11β-HSD1 inhibitors that were active ex vivo but with Cyp 3A4 liability, we obtained a new series of adamantane ureas displaying potent inhibition of both human and rodent 11β-HSD1 enzymes, devoid of Cyp 3A4 interactions, and rationally designed to provide long-lasting inhibition in target tissues. Final optimizations lead to SAR184841 with(More)
When eye diseases are treated by topical administration, the success of treatment lies in the effective drug concentration in the target tissue. This is why the drug’s pharmacokinetic, in the different substructures of the eye, needs to be explored more accurately during drug development. The aim of the present analysis was to describe by rabbit model, the(More)
Following the observation of alveolar, periodontal and dental lesions following dental displacement, the authors performed histological examinations. Lacunae of root resorption were observed in the pressure zones. The ligamentous fibres were less organised and, when strong pressures were exerted, they became parallel to the tooth. Osteoclasts and bone(More)
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