Anne-Laure Colombani

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OBJECTIVE Insulin secretion involves complex events in which the mitochondria play a pivotal role in the generation of signals that couple glucose detection to insulin secretion. Studies on the mitochondrial generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generally focus on chronic nutrient exposure. Here, we investigate whether transient mitochondrial ROS(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent data demonstrated that glucose sensing in different tissues is initiated by an intracellular redox signaling pathway in physiological conditions. However, the relevance of such a mechanism in metabolic disease is not known. The aim of the present study was to determine whether brain glucose hypersensitivity present in obese Zücker rats is(More)
Different roles of mitochondria in brain function according to brain area are now clearly emerging. Unfortunately, no technique is yet described to investigate mitochondria function in specific brain area. In this article, we provide a complete description of a procedure to analyze the mitochondrial function in rat brain biopsies. Our two-step method(More)
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