Anne-Laure Castell

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Short children using growth hormone (GH) to accelerate their growth respond to this treatment with a variable efficacy. The causes of this individual variability are multifactorial and could involve epigenetics. Quantifying the impact of epigenetic variation on response to treatments is an emerging challenge. Here we show that methylation of a cluster of(More)
Even if genetics play an important role, individual variation in stature remains unexplained at the molecular level. Indeed, genome-wide association study (GWAS) have revealed hundreds of variants that contribute to the variability of height but could explain only a limited part of it, and no single variant accounts for more than 0.3% of height variance. At(More)
CONTEXT Like all hormones, GH has variable physiological effects across people. Many of these effects initiated by the binding of GH to its receptor (GHR) in target tissues are mediated by the expression of the IGF1 gene. Genetic as well as epigenetic variation is known to contribute to the individual diversity of GH-dependent phenotypes through two(More)
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