Anne L. Bezuidenhout

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Pronouns have very little descriptive content, yet they are definite. Because they are definite, they participate in a web of anaphoric relations in discourse, relations mediated by the structured information which competent interlocutors control as they converse. An anaphoric expression harkens back not to another expression, such as a noun phrase (NP) in(More)
It has long been recognised that there are referential uses of definite descriptions. It is not as widely recognised that there are attributive uses of indexicals and other such paradigmatically singular terms. I offer an account of the referential/attributive distinction which is intended to give a unified treatment of both sorts of cases. I argue that the(More)
In his paper ‘Logic and conversation’ Grice (1989: 37) introduced a distinction between generalized and particularized conversational implicatures. His notion of a generalized conversational implicature (GCI) has been developed in two competing directions, by neo-Griceans such as Horn (1989) and Levinson (1983, 1987b, 1995, 2000) on the one hand, and(More)
It is widely accepted that, in the course of interpreting a metaphorical utterance, both literal and metaphorical interpretations of the utterance are available to the interpreter, although there may be disagreement about the order in which these interpretations are accessed. I call this the dual availability assumption. I argue that it does not apply in(More)
ii Acknowledgments A great many people have contributed to this dissertation. I first seriously contemplated pursuing a doctoral degree in linguistics as a result of the extraordinary Ruhl all lent so much support and encouragement to me, not only then, but also throughout the years that followed, that I found the courage to change careers and enter into(More)
Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is a highly contagious respiratory coronavirus of domestic chickens. Although mortality is low, infection with IBV results in substantial losses for the egg and meat chicken industries. Despite the economic importance of IBV and decades of research into the pathogenesis of infection, significant gaps in our knowledge exist.(More)
Despite a significant need, there is very little South African research on the validation of the generic training priorities of engineers within the platinum mining industry. The purpose of this study was to validate the generic training priorities of engineers in the platinum mining industry in three provinces in South Africa. For this study, a(More)