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Extension of the proboscis was conditioned in restrained honeybees with odor as the conditioned stimulus (CS) and sucrose solution--delivered to the antenna (to elicit extension of the proboscis) and then to the proboscis itself--as the unconditioned stimulus (US). In a first series of experiments, acquisition was found to be very rapid, both in massed and(More)
Spectral sensitivity functions S(lambda) of single photoreceptor cells in 43 different hymenopteran species were measured intracellularly with the fast spectral scan method. The distribution of maximal sensitivity values (lambda max) shows 3 major peaks at 340 nm, 430 nm and 535 nm and a small peak at 600 nm. Predictions about the colour vision systems of(More)
Published experience on first trimester exposure to methyldopa is still limited, although it is recommended as first-line treatment for hypertensive disorders in pregnancy in most countries. The primary aim of this prospective observational cohort study was to analyze the rate of major birth defects and spontaneous abortions in women with methyldopa therapy(More)
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