Anne K. Gauthier

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OBJECTIVE To examine the variety of perspectives from which to study the measurement of competition in the healthcare marketplace. Based on a meeting held by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 1996, the authors discuss the complications inherent in the way markets and products are defined by key stakeholders, including economists, policymakers, federal(More)
Although the fields of public health and health services research have much in common, public health practitioners--in their daily encounters with practical, frontline challenges--may not be aware of the quantity and the quality of information generated by health services research that is directly related to public health activities. We describe a number of(More)
This overview article provides a conceptual introduction to this special issue on health care choices, containing four main papers originally commissioned in 1997 for a conference titled "The Power of Choice in the Health Care Marketplace and Its Consequences," sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation under its Changes in Health Care Financing and(More)
There is ongoing debate as to whether global budgets, or expenditure limits, are compatible with a strategy for managed competition. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored an invitational conference for public and private policymakers to discuss the issue. The meeting's purpose was to explore how global expenditure limits might work and what their(More)
As they attempt to increase health insurance coverage and improve the efficiency of the market, researchers, policymakers, and health plan representatives have been addressing the issue of risk segmentation. Many risk assessment tools and risk-adjusted payment methodologies have been developed and demonstrated for a variety of populations and payers(More)
We examine cost shifting within the context of Medicare payment policy. We briefly review economic theory and available data and discuss the importance of cost shifting for policy. Then we present four central findings on cost shifting based on the views of former high-level policymakers. First, Medicare's early (pre-prospective) payment policy was a boon(More)
In a voluntary health insurance market, risk selection poses serious and increasing problems. Responding to this concern, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored an invitational meeting for public and private decision makers to understand the incentives for risk selection in the health insurance market and to discuss options for reducing risk selection(More)