Anne-Josée Guimond

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BACKGROUND Anxiety disorders are highly prevalent among patients with bipolar disorder and have a substantial impact on the course of illness and response to treatment. Despite the substantial impact that comorbid anxiety disorders have on the prognosis of individuals with bipolar disorder, many aspects of this comorbidity have received little attention(More)
OBJECTIVE Women with breast cancer are at higher risk for experiencing hot flashes (HFs), which is attributable, in large part, to systemic cancer treatments and their effects on estrogen levels. However, other factors, such as anxiety, could also play a role. This study aimed to assess the cross-sectional and temporal relationships between anxiety and HFs(More)
BACKGROUND Although cancer patients are generally strongly advised to quit smoking in order to improve treatment efficacy and survival, up to 68 % of patients who were smokers at the time of cancer diagnosis continue smoking. Psychological factors such as depression and anxiety are likely to be associated with smoking behavior following a cancer diagnosis,(More)
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