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CCM/CCMP is a two-cycle authenticate and encrypt (AE) mode. One cycle is used to perform confidentiality computations, and the second cycle is used to compute authenticity and integrity. CCM/CCMP is also a generic composition. CCM/CCMP is actually made up of two separate modes, CBC-MAC and AES counter mode amalgamated together. Although CCM/CCMP is an AE(More)
Remote sensing technology can directly contribute to water resource management and provides unique methods and solutions to meet the information requirements of water engineers responsible for water resources management. This project aims to advance the application of Remote Sensing in the context of managing water resource by integrating high resolution(More)
Recent research has shown that there are many security issues associated with the original IEEE 4-Way Handshake. The most serious of these security issues is the key recovery attack, during which hackers are able to retrieve the secret key and use it to access a targeted network. In order to mitigate this serious security vulnerability, this research(More)
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