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This paper investigates the relationship between the social organisation of working environments and their relevance to system development. The objectives of this paper are therefore twofold. Firstly, it effectively analyses the social aspects of working practices using established techniques of ethnography. Such analysis provides a 'rich' and 'concrete'(More)
CCM/CCMP is a two-cycle authenticate and encrypt (AE) mode. One cycle is used to perform confidentiality computations, and the second cycle is used to compute authenticity and integrity. CCM/CCMP is also a generic composition. CCM/CCMP is actually made up of two separate modes, CBC-MAC and AES counter mode amalgamated together. Although CCM/CCMP is an AE(More)
This paper addresses the area of how database research can be brought into the undergraduate curriculum. Firstly the UK QAA framework for undergraduate honours degrees is considered. This is to establish the perceived role of research in honours degrees as seen by the QAA. We see that undergraduates are expected to have knowledge at the forefront of some(More)
CSCW systems are developed based on concrete and well-established models and theories. Most of them have emerged from the social sciences and have an important position in CSCW design. They provide meta-level concepts that can be used in the analysis and development of CSCW systems. This work investigates aspects of the relationship between the social(More)
Recent research has shown that there are many security issues associated with the original IEEE 4-Way Handshake. The most serious of these security issues is the key recovery attack, during which hackers are able to retrieve the secret key and use it to access a targeted network. In order to mitigate this serious security vulnerability, this research(More)
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