Anne J Price Mortimer

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We describe an enclosed afferent reservoir (EAR) breathing system developed by Ohmeda and designed to operate efficiently in spontaneous and controlled ventilation. The efficiency of the system was evaluated by calculating the fractional utilization of fresh gas in 10 ASA I-III patients during anaesthesia with controlled ventilation. Maximum efficiency(More)
The effects of frequency, tidal volume and added deadspace on carbon dioxide clearance were measured during high frequency jet ventilation at 1, 3 and 5 Hz in dogs. With a short, small volume deadspace, carbon dioxide clearance increased with minute volume at each frequency, but for a given minute volume the clearance decreased with increase in frequency.(More)
Thia-Claisen rearrangements have been carried out using N-benzylpyrrolidine-2-thione and chiral allylic bromides derived from D-mannitol. Introduction of a bromine atom onto the double bond of the allylic bromide reverses the sense of diastereoselectivity in the [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement. Density functional theory calculations lead us to rationalise(More)
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