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First total synthesis of the 7-oxygenated carbazole alkaloids clauszoline-K, 3-formyl-7-hydroxycarbazole, clausine M, clausine N and the anti-HIV active siamenol using a highly efficient
Using a convergent palladium-catalyzed construction of the carbazole framework as the key step we have achieved a short synthesis of the 7-oxygenated carbazole alkaloids clauszoline-K,
Synthesis and molluscicidal activity of new chromene and pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole derivatives.
The molluscicidal activity of the synthesized compounds towards Biomphalaria alexandrina snails, the intermediate host of Schistosoma mansoni, was investigated and most of them showed weak to moderate activity.
Investigations of peptides and proteases in green coffee beans
Cof. canephora var. robusta. The coffee types were not significantly different in peptide content, but were significantly different in peptide composition. Peptides with weakly acid pI values were
Synthesis and Molluscicidal Activity of New Chromene and Pyrano[2,3‐c]pyrazole Derivatives
The chromene derivative 4 reacts with acetic anhydride, phenylisothiocyanate and ethyl orthoformate to afford the N‐acetyl derivative 6, the chromenopyrimidine 8 and the formimidate 9, respectively.
A practical access to highly enantiomerically pure flavanones by catalytic asymmetric transfer hydrogenation.
A surprisingly selective, non-enzymatic kinetic resolution of readily available, racemic β-chiral ketones enabled the title process, which was applied to a rapid synthesis of several bioactive
Transition metals in organic synthesis - Part 83#: Synthesis and pharmacological potential of carbazoles
A series of carbazole derivatives with promising pharmacological properties has been prepared using either an iron-mediated or a palladium-catalyzed synthetic approach, and represent potential lead compounds for the development of novel drugs against diseases initiated by oxygen-derived free radicals.
Snapshot of the palladium(II)-catalyzed oxidative biaryl bond formation by X-ray analysis of the intermediate diaryl palladium(II) complex.
The diaryl PD(II) intermediate of a Pd(II)-catalyzed oxidative biaryl bond formation proceeding via a double C-H bond activation has been isolated and fully characterized, including an X-ray crystal structure analysis.
First total synthesis of clausine L and pityriazole, a metabolite of the human pathogenic yeast Malassezia furfur.
The first total synthesis of the alkaloid pityriazole is described using three consecutive palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions.
Efficient iron-mediated approach to pyrano[3,2-a]carbazole alkaloids--first total syntheses of O-methylmurrayamine A and 7-methoxymurrayacine, first asymmetric synthesis and assignment of the
Iron-mediated oxidative cyclisation provides an efficient approach to pyrano[3,2-a]carbazole alkaloids. Thus, improved routes to girinimbine and murrayacine as well as the first total syntheses of
Palladium(II)-catalysed total synthesis of naturally occurring pyrano[3,2-a]carbazole and pyrano[2,3-b]carbazole alkaloids.
Seven naturally occurring pyranocarbazole alkaloids have been obtained by total synthesis using a palladium(II)-catalysed oxidative cyclisation of a diarylamine to an orthogonally diprotected 2,7-dihydroxycarbazole as key step.