Anne Hutton

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Host-based forwarding uses general purpose computers with two or more network interfaces to act as a router. These routers offer certain advantages over the use of dedicated hardware, allowing open, public source code access to the forwarding, queuing, and routing algorithms, and the use of more flexible, commodity host interfaces and host CPUs. The main(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare routine replacement of intravenous peripheral catheters with replacement only when clinically indicated. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Tertiary hospital in Australia. PARTICIPANTS 755 medical and surgical patients: 379 allocated to catheter replacement only when clinically indicated and 376 allocated to routine care(More)
The ATOMIC-2 project at USC/ISI has installed a production high-bandwidth LAN based on Myrinet, a 640 Mbps LAN technology. This work includes the development of an efficient means of IP forwarding on a host-based gateway, because router interfaces for Myrinet are not available. This work presents measurements which show the limitations of a standard(More)
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