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This longitudinal, prospective study investigated the social skills and behavior problems of three groups of students (10 students per group) from kindergarten through third grade: learning disabilities (LD), low achievement (LA), and average/high achievement (A/HA). Social skills and behavior problem rating scales were completed by teachers on all students(More)
OBJECTIVE Groin pain commonly affects football players and can be associated with prolonged recovery periods. Understanding the relationship between groin pain and reliable measures of hip flexibility and strength may facilitate the development of optimal rehabilitation and prevention strategies. In this study, the reliability and association with athletic(More)
It has become clear that adolescence is a period of distinct responsiveness to the acute effects of ethanol on learning and other cognitive functions. However, the effects of repeated intermittent ethanol exposure during adolescence on learning and cognition are less well studied, and other effects of repeated ethanol exposure such as withdrawal and chronic(More)
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