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One view holds that organizations are virtual to the extent that they outsource key components of their production processes, and that electronic networks make it easier to Collab-U CMC Play E-Commerce Symposium Net Law InfoSpaces Usenet NetStudy VEs Página 1 de 34 Coordination and Virtualization: The Role of Electronic Networks and Personal Rel... 18/10/01(More)
In the development of past infrastructures, cooperative and amateur action has been a vehicle for diffusion, experimentation, innovation, popularization, and the provision of new features or services. 802.11 (“Wi-Fi”) cooperatives are now proliferating. This user study considers three cases of cooperative action in the discovery, development, and provision(More)
This article describes the design, execution and outcomes of a Web-based course in cable telecommunications offered jointly at two U.S. universities. The goal was to create an online learning community where inter-university student teams collaborate electronically to learn through case-based problem solving. The main features were distributed team-centered(More)
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