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One view holds that organizations are virtual to the extent that they outsource key components of their production processes, and that electronic networks make it easier to do this. The goal of the present paper is to examine explicitly the effects that use of electronic networks for transactions with suppliers have on firms' degree of virtualization. In so(More)
In the development of past infrastructures, cooperative and amateur action has been a vehicle for diffusion, experimentation, innovation, popularization, and the provision of new features or services. 802.11 (" Wi-Fi ") cooperatives are now proliferating. This user study considers three cases of cooperative action in the discovery, development, and(More)
This article describes the design, execution and outcomes of a Web-based course in cable telecommunications offered jointly at two U.S. universities. The goal was to create an online learning community where inter-university student teams collaborate electronically to learn through case-based problem solving. The main features were distributed team-centered(More)
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