Anne Harris

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BACKGROUND Medical school attrition is important--securing a place in medical school is difficult and a high attrition rate can affect the academic reputation of a medical school and staff morale. More important, however, are the personal consequences of dropout for the student. The aims of our study were to examine factors associated with attrition over a(More)
In 1999, new speed enforcement initiatives were planned for introduction in Victoria in following years. In order to assess public response to these initiatives, a baseline telephone survey, using random digit dialing and population sampling methods, was conducted in Melbourne during October 1999 (N=1,000), in order to record related attitudes and(More)
  • Roy Sourav, Choudhury, Miguel, Sena-Esteves, Guangping Gao, Sean P +39 others
  • 2017
The signatures of the Dissertation Defense Committee signify completion and approval as to style and content of the Dissertation The signature of the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences signifies that the student has met all graduation requirements of the school. iii To my parents. iv Acknowledgements This body of work would not have been(More)
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