Anne H W Smith

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BURTON, R. R., E. L. BESCH, AND A. H. SMITH. Efect of chronic hypoxia on the pulmonary arterial blood pressure of the chicken. Am. J. Physiol. 214(6): 1438-1442. 1968.-Single-comb White Leghorn chickens hatched and living in a high-altitude environment of 12,500-ft elevation, had pulmonary arterial blood pressures approximately twice as great as found in(More)
The present study compares the responses to treatment of sex offenders with intellectual disability receiving 1- and 2-year probationary sentences. There were seven subjects in each group. There were no differences between subjects with regard to age, IQ or previous offences. All subjects received group treatment which addressed issues of: denial,(More)
BACKGROUND A number of authors have described, with disparate results, the prevalence of people with intellectual disability and their characteristics, in a range of offender cohorts defined by service use. These have included high security, a range of criminal justice services and community services. There is a need for research comparing cohorts of(More)
The mechanisms involved in browning and in the Maillard reaction (1)) together with their effect on the nutritive value of proteins, have been investigated extensively, yet much of the evidence is of a contradictory nature. These experimental results are to be expected if one considers the variety of conditions of temperature, pH, and reactant(More)