Anne H Outwater

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As HIV/AIDS imposes an overwhelming pressure on the capacity of an already overburdened health care system in many African countries, families have increasingly been noted to supplement hospital care services for patients with AIDS. The aim of the present study is to generate knowledge on the experiences of family caregivers to the patients with AIDS at the(More)
AIDS continues to be the commonest cause of death in Tanzania among those aged between 15 and 45 years. Both ulcerative and non-ulcerative sexually transmitted diseases have been identified as major co-factors in HIV transmission. Certain groups including long distance truck drivers and their sexual partners have been reported as having a disporportionate(More)
Tanzania requires more health professionals equipped to tackle its serious health challenges. When it became an independent university in 2007, Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) decided to transform its educational offerings to ensure its students practice competently and contribute to improving population health. In 2008, in(More)
BACKGROUND Although data are sparse, it has been estimated that the highest rates of homicide death amongst children are in Africa. Little information is available on ages 0-14 years. No known quantitative surveillance of early neonaticide (killed at less than one week) has been conducted previously in Africa. METHODS A Violent Death Survey following(More)
BACKGROUND It is estimated that world-wide up to 20 % of children suffer from debilitating mental illness. Mental disorders that pose a significant concern include learning disorders, hyperkinetic disorders (ADHD), depression, psychosis, pervasive development disorders, attachment disorders, anxiety disorders, conduct disorder, substance abuse and eating(More)
HIV prevention through peer education and condom promotion among truck drivers and their sexual partners is described. Trends during an initial 18-month intensive phase, followed by a 24-month maintenance phase, were monitored with surveys. Trends for self-reported condom use were: increase among men (56 to 74%) during the first phase with a decrease (72%)(More)
Suicide surveillance was launched at the Muhimbili National Hospital mortuary in Dar es Salaam Region, Tanzania from 1st January to 31st December, 2005 to determine its magnitude and characteristics. Following the WHO guidelines with minor modifications, information on sex, dates of birth and death, places of residence and death, occupation, reasons and(More)
Burn injuries in low and middle income countries still remain a significant health problem, even though numbers of burn injuries in high income countries have decreased showing that such events are not "accidents" but are usually preventable. WHO states that the vast majority (over 95%) of fire-related burns occur in low and middle income countries. Burn(More)
Violence disproportionately affects low- and middle-income countries. Deeper understanding is needed in areas where little research has occurred. The objectives of the study were to: (a) ascertain rate of homicide death; (b) describe the victims and circumstances surrounding their deaths in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2005. This study was developed by(More)
BACKGROUND Relapse in people with schizophrenia is a major challenge for mental health service providers in Tanzania and other countries. Approximately 10% of people with schizophrenia are re-admitted due to relapse at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) Psychiatric Unit each month. Relapse brings about negative effects and it results in a huge burden to(More)