Anne H Bishop

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Nursing ethics is examined within the context of the health care controversy concerning care v cure. Yarling and McElmurry's contention that nursing ethics should focus on autonomy and reform is critically appraised. In opposition, the moral sense of nursing practice is affirmed as the primary focus of nursing ethics. Reform concerns enhancing excellence in(More)
Sally Gadow influenced our work when we first began exploring the meaning of nursing philosophically. In this article, we discuss two major themes of Gadow's work that have influenced us: existential advocacy and treating the body objectively without reducing the patient to the moral status of an object. Our treatment of these issues is appreciative but not(More)
The authors discuss their interpretation of nursing as the practice of caring. Through interpretive phenomenology, they lift out the essential meaning of nursing as practiced, and through generative interpretation of philosophical treatments of relationships, practice, and caring, they enlighten nursing practice. They discuss the implications of(More)